Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Animal Magnatism

Leopard Print
Dolce & Gabbana Vogue

Rawwwrrrrrrrrrr for Leopard print!

This is the season of the claws, cats , tigers and prints.

Everywhere from bags, shoes, headbands, coats, dresses and blouses the fashion world has gone mad for animal print.

Whether its from head to toe in the print of just mixing up a plain back dress with a funky belt or bag all the designers are working with print this year.

Gucci and Ferragamo showed fierce coats for the cooler months.

Shannan Click gracing Vogue Mexico July 2010 cover in leopard print body suit.
Here are some of my favourite print images
Leopard print has been apearing year by year here is a fabulous picture of Kate Moss in Isabel Marant's leopard print fur coat Autumn/ Winter 2009 collection

Here are some up to date images of what this season has to offer......

The New styles of Fur Coats from Vogue for this season

Fur for Winter 2010-11
Roberto Cavalli

Shaggy cuts and shrug - on furs gives the winter fur coat a  cosy but laid back rock 'n'' roll element.

It is sure to keep you warm this winter,white furs are deffinatley a favourite as you will be

 looking like an ice Queen stopping everyone in there tracks on a cold winters day.

Furry Friends

Fur is this seasons instant glam hit
From big fur coats, furry boots and snuggly hats