Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Photoshop Work

My first composition for my customer Board.


I feel like this board is loooking more like a title page or concept board rather than a customer, so i am going to do further designs for a concept board thinking about where the customer would shop and the sort of things she would do on a daily basis wearing my clothes.
Final Composition of Title Page

I then went on to design my customer board i first of all had to to a mind map of who my customer is.
My main points were..
1) Young    2) Trendy  3) Wild  4) Top end high street e.g Urban Outfitters, All Saints, FCUK. Jack Wills and Miss Sixty. 5) Dare devil  6) Shocking  7) Animal  8) Breaks the mold

Final Composition of Customer Board
I like how my customer board has turned out i used a high street as the background as that is were my customer would shop i then blended over that the face of a leopard as that is what my collection is mainly focusing on. To tie the boards together i made sure i kept the same colour scheme e.g reds,browns,whites and golds i also included the name of my collection in the side corner 'RAWRR!' in the same font and colour. I also used the same effect on both boards which was water paper.

Thirdly i moved on to my concept board.

Final Composition of concept board

My concept board is so far my favourite for this i answered the question, what is my collection about?
The main focus was a glamourous girl surrounded in fur and leopard print. To also bring in the animal theme i included the leopards and a tiger scratch covering her face but yet she still looks glamorous. I then carried through the name of my collection and the use of gold jewellery.

Final Composition for colour board

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