Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Trip to London V&A

To help with the inspiration for my collection we decided to take a college trip to London.
We stayed in The Holiday Villa which was in Bayswater, it was a good location as there was a town near by many fashion shops, lots of resturants and chinese's if you like chinese food, which we sure did!

There is also the underground in the town of bayswater so with a student rail card you are able to get an underground ticket for just five pounds all day and you can go as many places as you like, as many times which was well worth it!

Our first trip was to the victoria and Albert museum where we went to look at the fashion section.The collection covers fashionable dress from the 17th century to the present day,with the emphasis on progressive and influential designs from the major fashion centres of Europe. The V&A collections also include accessories such as jewellery, gloves and handbags.From the ornate richness of a court mantua to the minimalism of contemporary couture, Room 40 presents a unique history of high fashion. Temporary displays in the centre of the gallery regularly offer new visions of dress and a changing focus on the fashion world.

This was very inspiring,  one of my favourite peices was the Coatdress by Bruce Oldfield (1950-1968) it was a formal wear coat from the 20th century and tied in exactly with what i am researching for my collection.

Other garments i loved was the Evening Cloak Liberty& Co. About 1920 and the informal jacket, made of warm mohair called the Apres-ski jacket, Ascher 1960.

Here are some of the photos that we took in the museum and of the garments.

Rosiee standing under the V&A sign at the underground
The huge globe light in the V&A cafe.

The next trip was to Oxford street to have a look at high street fashion, are first visit was to Topshop! i love the topshop in London as it is three masive floors. As i was inspired by the latest trends from autumn/ Winter 2010 and decided to mainly focus on fur and animal magnatism. As this was a current trend there was lots of fake fur and lepoard print big coats and body warmers. You could see were Topshop had taken ideas of the catwalk and altered it to create their garments.

We also searched the streets for high street styles from the public one of the trends that was most popular was coats with large fur coats, lots of knitted hats and puff ball jackets.

One of my favourite fur print coats we spotted in Topshop.

More Photos from London and Topshop
I love this fake grey fur Russian style hat from TopShop i think it looks really funky with the two horns coming out of the top!

On the Underground!
Fur displays in TopShop

A picture of us outside the hotel in bayswater London.

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