Monday, 28 February 2011

Development in Photoshop

Starting to think about the layout for my design boards
I first of all started of with four on a page but then realised they would look too squashed especially with back views as well and as there are six designs it makes sense to have just three on a page so they are not all squashed together.

The back views are going to go to the right hand side of the front views and i will probably make them a little bit smaller so you can easily notice the difference.

Illustration Board
This is my garment the jumpsuit that i am firstly making with an artists sketch drawing of a face which i had to erase out all of the shadings so that it looked like it was all part of the same image.
I love the sketch drawing of the lady holding the cat/ tiger as this fits in with my theme o leopard print i thought it would be useful to use.
I also edited the fu hat on top so the illustration tied in moor with my collection.

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