Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fashion Show SOS

I have currently been very busy aswell as doing college work, whilst working at SOS.
I have been helping promote and organise a fashion show at stockton heath primary school for the buisiness .
We started to get all the stock together last wednesday before the one year birthday last friday.
This was to celebrate that SOS had been open a year, there was a greater suply of stock than normal and on the day of the birthday there was 10% of everything in the store, champaine and cupcakes.
Unfortunatley i was unable to make this day as i had a deadline at college but i helped by getting all the stock ready, promoting the celebration to customers in the shop when they came in and when they bought and outfit.
When all the stock was in it usualy takes me about 3hours to get everything sorted but last wednesday i was ther all day, there was so much stock from gorgeous prom dresses,bikini's, evening wear, jewellery, flats, heels,shorts,tops,cardigans,shrugs,dresses and jumpsuits everything you could think off!
we had to remove everything from the packages, tag them, put them on wooden hangers, steam them and then position them in the shop.
The day went really well and the manager said she took up to nearly £3,000 which is amazing for a friday!
Previous to the birthday i started to look for 5 models who would model with me in the fashion show so i set up a group on facebook, advertising to see if my friends or any profesional models would be interested.
Infomation that i put on the event


i need your help!!!!

SOS a small, fashionable clothes botique in stockton heath is holding a fashion show and i am looking for 5 other girls to model with me to advertise the clothes!
I am looking for all shapes and sizes and someone that is confident!
Also looking for somebody who does not mind modeling a bikini or swimsuit? i only need 1 girl for this :) and i will be doing it as well there is also an option of wearing a sorong.....

Also anyone whos up for it we could always go out somewhere afterwards :D!!!!

As for hair and makeup everybody can do their own but if you have long hair would u be able to keep it down and loose as it might be put up for beach wear.

There will be lots of photos and people there so this will be good for peoples portfolios who already have a modeling career!



&& if you dont want to model just come along for the night and see all the new summer clothes!!!!


I picked 5 girls that i thought would be perfect for the fashion show the first was Georgia who i modelled with at the Sir John Deanes fashion show so i knew that she would be good she is also suitable to do swimwear which i needed some models for.
The second was Gabby who is also a profesional model and then i picked 3 of my friends who range from size 8-12 so that there is a mix in size.
I have been constantly messaging them on facebook to keep them updated with was is going on,
some of the messages consist of........

Thursday, May 19 · 5:00pm - 11:00pm

Stockton heath

I was surprised at how many girls actualy wanted to model for me, but i suppose it is good experience for them and lots of photos will be taken for them to put in there portfolio.
25 girls confirmed they wanted to model and ten said they maybe would.
I went through all the girls that had volunteered and picked my favourites, the manager did not want me too pick all skinny girls as the shop is aimed at size 8 to 16.
I picked 5 girls the first was Georgia who modeled with me at the Sir John Deanes fashion show so i knew she was profesional, the second was gabby who is very tall and slim i knew she would be perfect for swimwear and the last 3 are close friends who range from size 8-12.
I am constantly messaging the girls and keepin them updated with what is goin on some of the conversations i have recorded are.....

Heyy hunni was just saying on chat that I'd be happy to help if you need any models or help am available that day aswell :D Xxx
Rachel Elizabeth Ward May 4 at 9:58pm
Aww that wud be brill babe if you could model :) thankyouu will msg u with all details 2mz xxxxxxx
Gabriella Rothwell May 5 at 10:07am Report
thankyouu hun will be fab :D xxxxx
Gabriella Rothwell May 16 at 7:06pm Report
hello lovleyy :D just checking if it is okayy if i put my hair and extensions in rollers for thursdayy they will look miles better than todayy haha :) and veryy summery .. btw wasnt being rude leaving today was in a bit of a rush for college il see you thursdayy :D xxxxx
Rachel Elizabeth Ward May 16 at 8:04pm
Oh its fyn bbe dnt worry abt it we went straight after neways :) yeh that will look loverly hun im gna put mine in rollers too! Excitedd :D xxx

Group meassages
Georgia Bethany Tobiasen, Gabriella Rothwell, Scarlett Emalia Jackson, Emily Jones, Kate Myers and You
Rachel Elizabeth Ward May 5 at 1:05pm
Just wanted to say thankyou to you all for agreeing to model,

will be a fun night.. bring along who ever you want to the event the more the merrier
We can organise a night out after it aswel!

I have decided on you 5 for definate :) i might be having more girls but will just see what the manager thinks

so just wanted to check you can all make the event
Its in stockton heath on the 19th of May which is a thursday i no it starts around 6 so we would obviously have 2 get there a few hours before to sort out hair and makeup etc.

The manager has also asked that we all pop into the shop either on monday 16th or tuesday 17th so she can see your walk and decide who is wearing what......
whatever is best for everyone?????
or for those of you that cannot make a weekday because of work etc we can try and work around when you can come in :)

thanks girls

Gabriella Rothwell May 5 at 3:47pm ReplyReport
woo veryyy excited hun will be amazing can't wait to see summer collection !! I'm up for a few cheeky drinks after to :P I will come on monday 17th xxxxx
Gabriella Rothwell May 5 at 3:47pm ReplyReport
woo veryyy excited hun will be amazing can't wait to see summer collection !! I'm up for a few cheeky drinks after to :P I will come on monday 17th xxxxx
Emily Jones May 5 at 5:04pm ReplyReport
Woo should be good drinkypoos after to sounds a good plan Xx
babe im really sorry i cant make this .. i live in south wales now and i cant get up there for that date ! when i said yes my head was all over the place with bad news .. and i wasnt thinking .. really sorry to late you down :( xxx
Rachel Elizabeth Ward May 5 at 6:16pm
Awww rele okay hunny no worries!!! Thats ashamee hope ur feeling betta soon :( chin up missy xxxxx

Monday 16th
Meeting with the models
I asked for all of the models to meet at the shop at 12 so that everyone could make it on lunch breaks etc.. all of the models could make it apart from kate who works full time so she has agreed to come on thursday morning before the night to pick what she is wearing.
When all the girls got there i was in charge of looking after them and helping them with outfits shoes etc...
we had to pick a casual outfit first which consist's of flat shoes, flipflops or heels with pants it the trousers for example are too long for the model.
The girls all picked shorts and vest tops, jumpsuits and pants with shrugs and tops.
Next was the evening wear which is a mix of prom wear,maxi's and shorter going out dresses with large stileto heels.
All the models looked loverly and me and gabby tried on bikin's and swimsuits with sorongs.
We are next meeting at 6 on Thursday before the fashion show which starts at half 7.
Hair is to be worn loose and makeup simple but dark smokey eyes, all of the accesories will be brought on the night.

I have also set up another event on facebook to around 300 girls to invite them to the fashion show which is a ladies evening here is a clip of the group.

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