Monday, 16 May 2011

Photoshoot hair and makeup/ setting

after researching into makeup, photographers and settings here are some of my photoshoot after being edited.
I like the crinkles in my nose it reminds me of a leopard when it is RAWRR!ing which is exactly the scene i wanted to create. Howeve my mouth could have been better as it looks a bit forced, i would have been better shouting RAWRR! to get a more realistic face emotion.
i love the colours of the plants and flower they have come out really nicley when edited and remind me off a jungle, which was what i was aiming for.

I like the photo it remind me of a leopard crawling up a tree, my face expresions could be better.
This pictue turned out one of the best, the grass looks amazing when edited i look as though i am about to pounce on my pray in the jungle!

This image cam out even better i am spreading the blades of grass with my hands as if i am running through the jungle to catch something.

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