Tuesday, 17 May 2011


So far we have raised nearly £2,000 and the tagert is over £4,000 so we are doing well as this is not including ticket sales.
I feel that the bag packing has been really sucessful so we should set up a day ever week to do this as in only just an hour bagging at marks and spencers me and rosie were able to earn nearly £40.
if you times this by 8 which is how many people are in the class 8x£20= £160 a week up until the fashion show if you times this by how many weeks we have left that will be 160x6=£960 this would be brilliant if we were able to raise this money.
We also need to start doing the sweet stall every lunch time.
I came up with the idea of doing a raffle...
Things to think about when organising a raffle......
such as vouchers, money, clothes, hairdressers, holidays, wine,hampers, flights, trips away, football tickets,golf lessons etc
Advertising Raffle
Posters, flyers, word of mouth, approaching people in college.
Buisinesses who are likley to donate
local areas, supermarkets, clothes shops, friends, contacts, buissinesses that i work for.
Price of tickets
50p- £1.00??
Contacting buisinesses
formal letter, email, visiting the shops.
Selling tickets
approach everyone, designate students to sell as many as possible, posters everywhere and flyers.

 i thought as i work for a fashionable boutique i would ask them if they would be able to donate some sort of prize and this way they would be advertising SOS and i was going to make flyers to put out on the tables on the night.
This is the conversations i had with Amanda who works at SOS
Between Amanda Courtney and You
Rachel Elizabeth Ward May 17 at 5:11pm
was woundering if you would be able to help me out at all, i have to find some way to raise funds for the college fashion show and as part of my final asignment.

so i have decided to organise a raffle, in which i am trying to find a company or buissiness who will donate a prize.
we have already raised £2,000 but the target is £4,000 not including ticket sales.

I thought this would be a good oportunitey to advertise sos boutique at the fashion show as i could put a flyer on everytable as it will be a really big event promoting sos.

would you be willing to donate an sos voucher? or whatever you think would be apropriate?

many thanks rach
Amanda Courtney May 17 at 6:51pm Report
Hi rach have spoken to di and she will donate £30 gift voucher hope that helps do u need the sos logo for flyer if so send me email address to send to u xx
Rachel Elizabeth Ward May 17 at 6:59pm
That would be brilliant thankyou :) yes please that would be good il get to work on the flyers my email adress is **************

I am really pleased that my manager has agreed to do this it is a great oportunity for my work and it means that i can raise a good amount of money from this raffle as i for one would love a £30 gift voucher from SOS as the clothes are loverly and the jewellery is edgey, different and some hande made not to mention the sky scraper shoes! :)

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