Monday, 16 May 2011

Working in the industry

I have been working at sos now for about 2months and warehouse a month and a half i really enjoy working for both companies as it is my passion i work at sos wednesday and saturday and then warehouse thursday and sunday so never have a day off but it is well worth it.
Both jobs are very different sos is more relaxed and quiter so its is more one on one with the customers and easier to get a sale.
Warehouse has its perks as i get £100 on my uniform every season and 40% off which is amazing when you are a fashion student, all the girls are loverly and i like the fact it is very pofesional because it is such a well known company. I have learnt alot so far there such as refunds, exchanges, answering the phone, taking customer orders, reserving items it is alot more complicated than sos but i still love it, it is giving me a really good insight to the fashion industry. I have to dress the maniquins to exactly how the company want it to be and we are set targets each day such as selling a warehouse card or doing a sale over £100 with a sale item so it keeps me very motivated.

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